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8 Times Tim From The Original Jurassic Park Didn’t Give AF

In honor of the release of Jurassic World this week, I re-watched the classic original Jurassic Park and for the first time, noticed how Tim (played by the dazzling Joseph Mazzello) completely embodies the DGAF life. Young Timmy visits his grandfather’s dinosaur park and has several brushes with death, but in between his encounters with T-Rexes and electric fences, Tim simply does not give one single f@$k.

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2. He makes his disregard for authority clear.

Dr. Sattler (Laura Dern) tell him to hang back while they treat a sick triceratops and I wish I had a gif to illustrate this, but the way he stomps through the tall grass without missing a beat is straight up Thug. Life.

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