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18 Reasons Why Sega Genesis Was The Best Console Ever

Nearly 25 years after its release, the Sega Genesis still dominates the gaming industry... and millennial's nostalgic dreams.

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2. It captivated users with completely ridiculous & disgusting game premises: Boogerman, ToeJam & Earl, Earthworm Jim...

Who wouldn't want to burp and fart on toilet trolls to kill them? And collecting plungers instead of coins or rings was a lovely touch. Not to mention ample snot, trash, fecal matter and, of course, boogers.

And most importantly, aquired valuable driving practice! Young female millennials learned to drive with Barbie in the trademark pink convertible – weaving in and out of traffic, avoiding on-coming traffic, swerving away from pedestrians. Talk about real world preparation!

7. Perfect Controller: Comfortable, functional & just the right amount of buttons

This controller pwned Nintendo's palm-jabbing hard corners. And the circular D-pad was not only functional but made diagonal moves possible. Kudos, Sega. Kudos.


"Covered you like a rug!"

"And the survey says.... DENIED!"

"Friends don't let friends drive and dunk!"

"Is it the shoes?!"

"He's building himself a house... one brick at a time!"

"Just like your mother's top drawer - nothin' but nylon!"

Best. Announcers. Ever.

18. One Word: SONIC.

That's right Sonic - you know you're #1!

Our beloved little hedgehog is now 22, and still going strong!

Alone or with sidekicks, he's still racing around and collecting rings, taking names and kicking ass!

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