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    15 AMAZING Reasons Why Dean Winchester Is The Perfect Man

    Because lets just face it. He is. And the fact that he is just isnt good enough for some people. So here are actually reasons with evidence As told by

    1. He is very intelligent.

    2. He's selfless.

    3. Kids love him.

    4. He's a caretaker/protector.

    5. He can cook.

    6. The "closet nerd culture" thing he has going on.

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    People say Sam is the nerdy one? PLEASE. You make me laugh. Sam doesn't even understand Dean's Star Trek references. Sam also doesn't like to LARP like Dean does and doesn't read comics like Dean does. However, Sam does like Harry Potter. Dean knows about it (calling Sam "Dumbledork") but doesn't seem like much of a fan.

    7. He has great fashion sense.

    8. "I'll try anything once"

    9. He's a natural leader.

    10. He has a great sense of humor.

    11. He's really great in bed.

    12. He's loyal.

    13. He's strong.

    14. He's a free thinker