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20 Vines That Will Never Get Old

They'll get you every time.

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1. What's the Sitch

2. You Don't Know My Schedule

3. Weezy

4. Siri Can Get You Killed

5. Wooden Floors Be Like

6. Sauces

7. The Measuring Struggle

8. The Fake Hand Prank

9. Cupid's in Town

10. When You Have Your Headphones In

11. Beautiful Kitten

12. Gangster's Paradise

13. I'm in Love with the Cocoa

14. It's Juan

15. Zombie Prank

16. When You Think You Can Fly

17. Jurassic World in 6 Seconds

18. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

19. Shine Bright Like a Diamond

20. Parents Can Sometimes Be Right
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