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The 12 Types Of People On Instagram

Transforming everyday moments into works of, um, art.

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1. The Couponer

Shampoo for days.

2. The Gym Rat

Always making you feel guilty for taking a day/week/year off.

3. The Retailer

Desperately seeking engagement.

4. The Stoner

May or may not give you a contact high.

5. The Celeb

Primarily posts selfies, but could put a filter on some cow dung and get 100k likes.

6. The Meme Whore

Because you don't see enough of these on Facebook.

7. The Mommy

I see your baby's face more than I see my baby's face.

8. The Foodie


9. The Fashionista

Whose photos you admire while lying around in your underwear.

10. The 8-year-old

Shouldn't you be, like, playing hopscotch?

11. The Wannabe Photographer

That's definitely a picture...of...something...

12. The Actual Photographer

All the awards for you!

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