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Apple Watch Has Found It's "Purpose" In Life...

Well maybe not! But I do love these uses! Check out some of the best tweets and uses of the Apple Watch on the day people put it on their hands!

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SO MANY pictures of Shipping Screens!

Heck yeah! Looks like I'm getting my #AppleWatch on day 1. Got the shipment notification yesterday at 4:30pm pst.

...Just Stop. Please. It will come.

Wow That's a beautiful Apple Watch!

Instagram / Via

Wait... that's NOT it?? Are you sure? There are a lot of pictures of it...

The necessary Cat Slots game for it!

Just get an #AppleWatch love #cats and #slots ? Play #MeowSlots

... because you NEED cat's on your wrist flying around!

Finally a use for the Emoji...

That's right lady and gentlemen... Today is THE day. The day this emoji was developed for-->⌚️ #AppleWatch

Via Twitter: @as_austin

Let the White Girls Unload their Emoji Love on the new Apple Watch Emoji.

If it's social, Chipotle will be there.

Instagram / Via demonstrated.

But don't lie... it's elegant.

Instagram / Via

*Starts Tearing Up*

I mean look at that...

Giphy / Via


Wait... you want to do what??

Had try on one of these today - of all days #AppleWatch

Frustrated Apple 'Genius', "Good choice to try one on today, Sir!"

Let's get real... THIS is what the next update better be.



Interesting shapes in the #AppleWatch box:

Wait WHAT?!?!

And of Course the necessary pun...

Yo, I got that Apple Watch #AppleWatch

... *crickets*

I mean as long as it doesn't do this...

Giphy / Via

I think we will all get along just fine.👌

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