Arthur Miller
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    • Arthur Miller

      Zach K. Completo: We know what children are so no need to uppercase the word for emphasis. It looks maniacal. I’m willing to bet the gun isn’t loaded so she, the photographer, and her parent(s) hanging on the sides should be ok. And why does one need to know if he’s joking or not? Who cares? Your post reads more like you’re trolling than anything else. Yes, you are hyper-sensitive and should think more critically than to jump on some politically driven agenda. You know it’s a fact that more people die in drunk driving accidents than in gun related deaths in this country year after year after year. If I was to think like you and focus my attention elsewhere, I would say that we need to ban cars. See how crazy that sounds? We have a right to have a gun. We don’t have a right to own a car.

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