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    5 Reasons That Prove "Cast Away" Is Creepier Than You Remember

    It should really be rated R.

    TW: This post contains discussions about self-harm and gruesome deaths. Please continue at your discretion.

    I recently rewatched Cast Away and I realized how freakin' creepy it is. Maybe it's 'cause I'm a scaredy cat, but I'm putting five scary moments of the movie under the spotlight so you can see just how creepy it is.

    1. The plane crash

    20th Century Fox

    Don't watch this movie on a plane. That's all I have to say.

    2. The FedEx pilot

    20th Century Fox

    A few days after Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks' character) was stranded in the water, he found the body of his pilot in the water. While finding a dead person in the ocean is very disturbing, it is even more so because he looks like a zombie. I kept waiting for him to stand up and eat Chuck's brains, tbh. Oh, and did I mention how floppy he is when Chuck buries him? *shudder*

    3. The bloody volleyball

    20th Century Fox

    Ok, ok, spare me the hate. We all know that Wilson is basically the hero of Cast Away, but he is a volleyball. And his face is made of Chuck Noland's blood. And Chuck treats him like a human, which makes it all the more sad that he floats off into the ocean. In a written version that didn't get to the screen (there were over 100 rewrites) Wilson comes to life.

    4. The attempted suicide

    tom hanks in cast away pulling at a rope
    20th Century Fox

    Chuck Noland tests a branch that he wants to hang himself off of with a log, but it breaks the log. We don't actually see this happening because the original scene has now been cut from the movie, but he does a long monologue about it later in the movie. The log looked just like a human. Oh, did I mention that it's creepy?

    5. Tom Hanks

    20th Century Fox

    Tom Hanks himself isn't creepy, but his transformation is. At the beginning, he's a chubby, well-shaven man in a sweater. At the end, he's a starved, straggly-haired man in a loincloth. The hair and beard are real — production had to stop until he could grow out all that hair. And then they had to wait another four months for him to regain (some) of the weight. He had to really cut his leg for the bloody scenes — hey, no ketchup needed — and was an hour away from dying when the cut got infected.

    So...yeah. I'm not saying Cast Away is a bad movie, and I'm not telling you to not watch it. Just...beware.

    Are there any other creepy things I missed from Cast Away? Let me know in the comments below.

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