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    Why Zach Rance Is Your New Obsession

    Meet Zach Rance! He's 23 years old, unemployed and more importantly... SINGLE. He's your new Big Brother obsession and my favorite player of ALL TIME! Don't judge him by his Diary Room sessions... If you have BB Live Feeds, you would know he has an awesome, fun-loving personality and a huge heart of gold

    Meet Zach!

    His best friend is his 10 year old brother, Peyton!

    He has an incredibly colorful personality and a really great sense of humor!

    He came up with THIS amazing term...

    And wrote this EPIC eviction speech!

    He's famous for his bromance/showmance with Ariana Grande's brother and Team America member: Frankie! This is Zankie!

    He's also super HOT!

    Wil Heuser from Big Brother 14 as Zach in Big Brother Saga 16: Ep. 6


    Follow him on Twitter: @WilHeuser. New episodes of Big Brother Saga every Monday @ 9:00 PM on his YouTube channel - Wil Heuser!

    You can follow Zach on Twitter and Instagram - @RanceyPants #ZachAttack

    All hail the pink hat!

    Watch Big Brother on CBS Sundays & Wednesdays @ 8:00 PM and live eviction night is every Thursday @ 9:00 PM! The finale is September 24th @ 9:30 PM on CBS

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