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    Why Zach Rance Is The Realest Big Brother Contestant Ever

    For a guy who seemed like the season's villain in the first episode, he certainly proved everyone wrong. After the most predictable season ever, if you haven't realized this, you're a frootloop dingus.

    He cares about his fans and is devoted to them.


    When I say this, I actually mean it. He will go above and beyond to make sure his fans know that he loves them. He takes time out of his day to personally reply back to all of the fans who email him and that's the most amazing thing ever. He's one of the few who hasn't let the fame get to his head. Most players change when they come out of the Big Brother house. They lose their comedic touch or change drastically... That's not the case with Zach. This guy is still the same funny, awesome, genuine guy that he was inside the house. Though things got tough at times inside the house, he still stayed true to himself, unlike some of the others.

    He has this awesome, live daily broadcast on the You Now app.


    This is a clear example of the things he does for his fans. He interacts with them on a personal level. It's little things like this that make him one of my favorite Big Brother players of all time and the most genuine.

    This is just the beginning.


    Big Brother was only the beginning for Zach. He has the personality and the looks to make it big. He even has an ebook coming out on April 24, 2015! It's called "Ghetto Uprising." Just the title should be enough to get everyone to check it out. Someone give this kid a TV show ASAP!

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