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    Why Johnny Mac Is The Best Friend You've Always Needed

    Don't eat jump ropes. Seriously, don't. They're bad for your teeth.

    1. He knows how to make you laugh.

    "I love having fingers"-JohnnyMac #bblf #bb17

    James may be the ultimate prankster, but John's one liners are equally amazing.

    2. He's a dentist AND a rockstar.

    Now I know why they call him the "Rockstar Dentist" ! Rooting for Johnny Mac to go all the way #BB17

    This one takes some serious skill. When he's not seeing patients, he's rocking out with his friends. The guy has brains and talent? DOUBLE WIN!

    3. He watches Big Brother!

    John: I hate all of you, but I like you (Steve) and Van the least. Steve: That's Dr. Will's line. #BB17

    He's definitely someone you'd want to watch with. Why? Cause John is the ultimate Superfan, but here's the thing... THE OTHER HOUSEGUESTS DON'T KNOW. Many have speculated that he's a recruit, but John is very familiar with the game. He doesn't want the others to know this and he's done a pretty impressive job keeping it a secret.

    4. He can keep a secret.

    The one thing these HGs still don't know is that Johnny Mac is a superfan #bb17 #bblf

    He's the only person in the house that hasn't told anyone his secret that he came into the house with. Yes, I know what you all are thinking. But Austin was the one who put John up. John had every right to out the alliance.

    5. He's relatable.

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAAH Johnny Mac makes vomit noises after Liz and Austin leave the room. #BB17

    John is all of us every time Liz and Austin are in a room together.

    6. You'll get along with his other friends.

    When you wake up to find out #JohnnyMac is back in the house and have to ask yourself, "Is this really real?" #BB17

    #WhenPOVStarted #JohnnyMac was still a finance major. #ReturnOfTheMac #BB17

    This is Joe, the genius behind Johnny Mac's Twitter and Instagram. He's pretty hilarious on his personal account too.

    7. He's THE Johnny Mac!

    Sometimes in life you're a cat. Number 3: Johnny Cat #BB17

    I promise you, there is no one out there like this kid. How many times are you going to see a hot dentist that's also a rockstar? He's one of a kind and that's amazing, cause originality gets you one step closer to $500K... And America's Favorite Player.

    Follow Johnny Mac on Instagram and Twitter! Twitter: @BB17JohnnyMac Instagram: @rockstar_dentist Don't for get to follow Joe too! Twitter: @realdonbunchu Instagram: @joeor3

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