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    What Really Happened At A Christmas Day Screening Of The Interview

    Sony honey dicked us. WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

    I had to dodge about a million TV interviews.

    I was cornered by a photographer from Getty Images, when I was walking up to the theatre. He begged me to let him take a picture of me holding up my ticket, but I politely declined. I found myself doing that over and over again, because local news outlets kept asking me to do interviews with them. I was even called camera shy by a Chris Messina look alike (Jeremy Campbell) from 11 Alive news. It was impossible to get away from the media. Everywhere you turned, there was some kind of camera pointed at you or in your face.

    No bags were allowed inside the theatre.

    I'm not going to lie, I did make sure my seat was next to the closest exit. There were people walking around in "I Heart USA" shirts. Many people were wearing red, white, and blue. Our founding fathers would've been proud.

    The theatre had an open bar and they were serving North Korea themed drinks

    You could here a shot glass break every time someone got up out of their seat.

    The movie started with a rendition of God Bless America from the 1940s.

    No one actually knew what was going on. People looked really confused at first. Some of the people began to tear up. A man that was sitting behind me started to loudly sing along.

    Kim Jong-un's face got blown off.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Everyone in the theatre started cheering and it was freaking awesome.


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