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    5 Reasons Why James From Big Brother 17 Is The Best

    If you don't want him to win, all I have to say is... What the hell?

    1. He's amazing at endurance competitions!

    Did you miss the #HOH endurance comp last night? James won! The recaps start here: #BB17

    Because of his military training, those endurance competitions are incredibly easy. He's won HOH twice.

    2. He's the comedic relief we needed this season.

    James just poured honey all over Steve as he slept. #BB17

    From feathers and shaving cream, to putting aluminum foil voodoo dolls in other houseguest's beds, this guy is the ultimate prankster.

    3. He has a heart of gold.

    James just cooked and is now delivering food to Audrey in the have-not room. #BB17

    He was one of the few to take care of evicted houseguest, Audrey, when she was feeling down.

    4. He loves Taylor Swift!

    James wants Taylor Swift to do BB Takeover. #bb17 #cbsbigbrother #bblf

    And he's not ashamed of it. Seriously, he even has a Taylor Swift cutout in his bedroom.

    5. He's responsible for breaking up the biggest alliance in the house and breaking up the showmance known as "Clelli."

    James be like: #Clelli #NoChill #BB17

    He single handedly won HOH and took down the Sixth Sense alliance and power couple of the season after they were responsible for sending home fan favorite and James' alliance member, Jason.

    All hail King James!

    Via Twitter

    Follow James on Twitter: @AsianJamesBB17

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