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Why Apple Is Headed For Major Fail

Apple's stock has taken a beating. Steve Jobs is not there to save them anymore. Apple's quality control has turned to crap. Apple's patents are invalidated. Apple is losing lawsuits against competitors. Apple is headed for a major fail.

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I don't see what the big deal is with Apple anymore, their stock is way overpriced and is seeing some normalization and deflation in value. Steve Jobs has passed on, and Tim Cook cannot innovate his way out of a paper bag. Most of Apple's good products have stolen ideas and inventions from other companies claiming as their own, and then have sued the beejeezus out of competitors only to find out their patents are not valid and there is prior art. Not to mention that iOS 6 is a big fail as is Apple Maps and Mac OS X 10.8 Snow Lion has more bugs than an ant farm.

Look Steve Jobs was no saint, and he was a jerk, but because Steve Jobs was a jerk he was able to get some sort of quality control going so that Apple would have good quality products. Steve Jobs didn't invent or innovate anything, he stole ideas of tablets and smart phones from Sony, Nokia, Motorola, Toshiba, IBM, Microsoft, Palm Inc, etc and used the best features and parts of them for iOS and the iPhone and iPad. That is what jerks do, and Steve Jobs shamelessly stole to create the best consumer products available and then used the reality distortion field to market the heck out of them, and then lawyers to sue Apple's competition. Well that is just Business 101 in the computer industry.

Apple used to make quality products, and when Apple made quality products their sales went up and so did their stock. The whole idea is that Apple had a better experience than your typical Windows PC or your smart phone or tablet. Sure Apple products are expensive because they are a 'designer brand' you are paying for the brand, you are paying for the Apple experience. The Macintosh was no more easier to use than Windows or Linux with GNOME, but the Macintosh was a better quality so you didn't have to mess with it as much as Windows or Linux and it ran better and Apple had a better technical support than most PC companies and smart phone companies. The iPhone and iPad, worked better than that Android, Windows CE, PalmOS/WebOS, Balckberry smart phones and tablets. Sure IBM had the Simon Smart Phone going way back to 1994 and had some tablet devices based on Thinkpads 750p and 360p going back to 1993 as well, but Apple's just worked better due to having better quality.

Well somehow at Apple, quality control is no longer done. Apple Maps is a big mess, iOS 6 crashes a lot on older iPhones, iPads, and iPods and Apple has no answer on how to fix that. Mac OS X suffered a big virus infection called the flashback and the virus infections keep on happening and there was a big myth that Mac OS X didn't need antivirus or security software, and now Mac Users are paying for it. None of them wants to believe that a Macintosh can be infected by a virus, they bought into the hype. Apple released updates but they are buggy and slow the system down, many updates removed features users wanted. Each new iTunes and OS X version removes features. Users are getting upset they are missing features.

Remember the PowerMacs? Remember the Intel Macs had software named Rosetta that ran PowerMac applications? Do you know that Apple removed it with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard? Do you know that old Intel Macs that were not Core Duo2 64 bit got shut out of newer OS X versions? Well it only forces them to buy new Macs to run the new version. IOS 6 has app crashes and battery problems on old iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices, forcing users to buy new versions. Maybe Apple did this on purpose to sell more hardware? Sure sales are up, but people are getting upset at Apple. That is not good.

In China, there is a $45 Android 4.0 7 inch tablet getting ready to be made in mass quantities and ship to the USA. It sells for $45 in China, it should sell for under $100 in the USA. What will Apple do if it becomes popular? Apple needs to keep up with the completion, and if Apple quality control is poor you might as well use one of their competitor's products that doesn't have poor quality.If Apple won't fix iOS 6 problems with iPads, you might as well buy an Android tablet or Windows 8 tablet that doesn't have those problems.

Look I really like Apple and Steve Jobs is one of my heroes. I just hate to see the sorry state it has fallen into. It looks like Apple has fallen on hard times and lost their way after Steve Jobs died. it makes no sense at all to make Apple products with lower quality and expect to do the same business as when Apple had high quality products. Instead of suing competitors, Apple should have invested on improving their quality control and out innovate their competitors. I don't really see that as improving as Tim Cook just doesn't get it anymore. Apple has always had the CEO Ejector Chair and in 1985 it had ejected Steve Jobs, and every once in a while it does need a butt to warm it, but will eject Tim Cook just as easy as anyone else. If Cook won't address these issues and release updates to fix them, then the board of directors will be looking for a new CEO sometime soon.

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