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    Top 9 Things Every College Freshman Needs To Know

    Because we know you'll listen to a government official.

    1. Attend Class

    You may be tempted to take advantage of your newfound freedom that includes professors who don’t take roll, but you’ve got to show up to learn. College is an investment, and to get the biggest bang for your buck, be ready and eager to learn.

    2. Beer Is Not A Major Food Group

    Stay healthy, eat well and stay focused. Adopting a healthy lifestyle during college will put you on a path for a healthy life beyond graduation. Get started by becoming a MyPlate on Campus Ambassador.

    3. Student Loans Will Need To Be Repaid

    Graduation will come sooner than you think, and before long you’ll be repaying your loans. If you borrowed more than you need, think twice before spending it on that sweet neon light for your dorm room. Read five things to consider when taking out loans.

    4. Consider Becoming A Teacher

    If you haven’t declared a major yet (or even if you have), consider teaching. Teaching is a profession where vocation and service merge, where you’ll have a chance to transform the lives of children every day. Visit to get started.

    5. Make The Most Of Your Free Time

    Take advantage of your free time by making a difference on campus or in your community. Seek out opportunities to volunteer. You’ll not only be improving your community, but you’ll learn important skills and build invaluable relationships. Visit to find opportunities near you.

    6. Read The Assigned Readings

    You’ll thank yourself later and you’ll probably learn something.

    7. Get Physical

    Staying physically active is not only good for your body, but also your mind. Whether it’s ultimate Frisbee on the quad, intramural sports, or just shooting hoops, stay active. Visit for ideas.

    8. Keep An Open Mind And Make New Friends

    Your pool of possible friends just got significantly larger. You’re likely to meet people from all walks of life and from countries around the world. Take this opportunity to expand your network of friends and learn about their background, culture and aspirations.

    9. Remember That You Are The Next Generation Of Leaders

    Find what your passion is and pursue it. Don’t be shy- be bold. We need your courage. We need you to challenge the status quo that allows so much potential to go to waste. And please, never stop listening and learning. It is the only way to stay relevant.

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