• 10. “Hot Streets” (Chicago, 1978)

    10. "Hot Streets" (Chicago, 1978)

    I wonder what the guy on right was thinking…”I gotta get the f#*k out of this picture, quick.”

  • 9. “Lovesexy” (Prince, 1988)

    9. "Lovesexy" (Prince, 1988)

    If this was anyone other than Prince, it would have locked up a spot in the top 3…but it is Prince.

  • 8. “Push Push” (Herbie Mann, 1971)

    8. "Push Push" (Herbie Mann, 1971)

    What can be more gay than a sweaty, naked jazz flautist? A sweaty, naked jazz flautist naming his album “Push Push”. At least it has bonus tracks.

  • 7. “Live It Up” (Crosby, Stills, & Nash, 1990)

    7. "Live It Up" (Crosby, Stills, & Nash, 1990)


  • 6. “Return To Pooh Corner” (Kenny Loggins, 1994)

    6. "Return To Pooh Corner" (Kenny Loggins, 1994)

    In Kenny’s defense, this was an album for children. The unicorn put it over the edge. It sold a half-million copies, so what the hell do I know.

  • 5. “My Beauty” (Kevin Rowland, 1999)

    5. "My Beauty" (Kevin Rowland, 1999)

    COME ON EILLEEN!?! Really? So this Dexy’s Midnight Runners frontman covers songs from Whitney Houston to The Monkees on this very forgettable album. Eileen was a girl… right?

  • 4. “Let Me Touch Him” (The Minister’s Quartet, 1956?)

    4. "Let Me Touch Him" (The Minister's Quartet, 1956?)

    I hope they are talking about God.

  • 3. Anthology (Manowar, 1997)

    3. Anthology (Manowar, 1997)

    I wonder if this is anyone’s favorite band. Just wondering. Reminds me of Masters of the Universe.

  • 2. At Play with the Playmates (The Playmates, 1958)

    2. At Play with the Playmates (The Playmates, 1958)

    Their expressions say it all. That coupled with the album title make this a solid #2.

  • 1. Waking and Dreaming (Orleans, 1976)

    1. Waking and Dreaming (Orleans, 1976)

    Who came up with this idea? Seriously. Who? Why? Anyway, This album contains the 70’s hit “Still the One” and with this album cover…..it sure is number 1. Seriously?