16 Vietnamese Restaurants Obsessed With Puns

This trend in L.A. restaurant names is getting Hannoi-ing.

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OWNER #1: We need a mediocre pun for our business. Help me brainstorm. Remember, it HAS to be mediocre!
OWNER #2: Ok. How about "Pho-Tosynthesis"?
OWNER #1: Too nerdy. "Pho-skin?"
OWNER #2: Gross. "Pho-bidden Zone?"
OWNER #1: "Friend or Pho?"
OWNER #2: Not mediocre enough!
OWNER #1: "Homo-PHO-bia"?
OWNER #2: What?
OWNER #3: Hey guys, how's the brainstorm coming?
OWNER #1: So far, so good!
ALL THREE OWNERS: Heeeeeeey.....

But the best / worst "pho" pun isn't in LA at all.

It's up in Renton, Washington.

You ready?

(Honorable mention: This one is not a pun, just an unfortunate choice of name.)


Apparently it's pronounced "me-yoon." Judging by the Yelp reviews, the name is bringing in a decent amount of business... and a dollar spent ironically is worth the same as one spent in earnest, so maybe the owners of My Dung know exactly what they're doing.