The Cast Of “Scandal” As Pokémon

Two worlds collide.

1. Olivia - Vaporeon

ABC / Nintendo

Because she’s sleek and classy .

2. Fitz - Machoke

ABC / Nintendo

Because he’s the man in charge.

3. Mellie - Vileplume

ABC / Nintendo

Because of the color scheme.

4. Abby - Ponyta

ABC / Nintendo

Because do I really need to explain this one?

5. Harrison - Wartortle

ABC / Nintendo

Because he’s a boss.

6. Huck - Ryhorn

ABC / Nintendo

Because he might literally kill you at any moment.

7. Cyrus - Weezing

ABC / Nintendo

Because, c’mon, fuck Cyrus.

8. Quinn - Muk

ABC / Nintendo

Because Quinn is the worst.

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