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The 10 Most Terrifying Moments Of The 2013 Macy's Day Parade

Clowns and Power Rangers and Jazz Hands, Oh My!

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10. When this contortionist waved at the camera:

That’s his leg behind him, FYI.

9. When these Mad Hatter-Harlequinn women danced in unison:

I’m bringin’ sexy baacckkk (yeah)

8. When way too many people attempted to direct traffic:

Especially confusing for the floats behind them…

7. When this girl tried to start a fight with a chicken puppet:

Who started the fight first: The chicken or the girl?

6. When these Power Rangers came out of nowhere:

…so Power Rangers are still a thing?

5. When this child was left unattended in an oversized paper swan:

That woman in yellow is really mugging it up.

4. When we were overwhelmed with jazz hands:

3. When my childhood nightmares were brought to life:

Who thought this was a good idea?!?!

2. When Geisha Dora The Explorer danced for Ariana Grande:

This one is perfect, actually.

1. When this woman tried to put a spell on us:

C’mon, people: Hats this small should only be used for Royal Weddings and the Kentucky Derby.

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