15 Pieces Of Panda Swag You Need To Get Immediately

Cuddles on cuddles on cuddles. Because pandas are everything.

2. Panda Sticker

$10 from Etsy

3. Panda Dust Plug

$4 from Etsy

4. Panda Skateboard

$80 from Zazzle

5. Panda Socks

$10 from Amazon

7. Panda Zippo

$5 from Amazon

8. Panda Mug

$6 from Pier1

9. Panda Hoodie

$45 from Amazon

10. Panda Hat

$21 from FlyMode

11. Panda Lunchbox

$17 from Amazon

12. Panda Headphones

$19 from Amazon

13. Panda Clock

$20 from CafePress

14. Panda Tote

$10 from Amazon

15. Panda Valentine’s Card

$3 from Zazzle

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