Arijit D.
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  • Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

    It is an actual biryani where raw hyderabadi biryanimarinated meat placed on the bottom of the pot and then layer with par boiled rice, seal and cook on a low flame for hours, so that the rice is cooked with steam generated by air tight environment. this entire process is known as DUM method. As a result you are getting juicy and succulent pieces of meat that it melts in your mouth and each rice grain is well separated and cooked nicely.

  • Scary Activity

    Scary Activity: I’m sure your heart will get faster as the video ends. Scare your friends with this video. Ask him to switch on the speakers before viewing this video.

  • The World’s Smallest Hydrogen Car

    Educational toys are a gift that keeps giving for a whole lifetime and every now and again we see a toy that makes the perfect educational gift. It’s no secret that the hydrogen economy is dawning and hydrogen fuel cells will play a major role in the future energy equation of the planet. Similarly, 75% of the jobs which school age children will do have not yet been invented. Add all that together and its an unavoidable conclusion that the H-racer offers a compelling gift for any child at just US$80. The H-Racer hits the market next month as the world’s smallest hydrogen car and comes with its own matching Hydrogen Refueling Station. As a toy, it is a simple construction kit (no soldering required) within a valuable educational context.

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