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What Should The Next Tasty Recipe Video Be?

Five polls, 25 ingredients, one recipe, YOUR choice.

We all know and love Tasty — and if you haven't seen the recipe porn videos on Facebook, you must not have Facebook. (Kidding. Kind of.)

ANYWAY, we've got loads of things cooking in the kitchen, but we want to try a food challenge and we need your help!

We're giving YOU the chance to choose which ingredients go in our next Tasty video!

Here are the rules: We're giving you five categories below, and all you have to do is vote for your top picks. Once we get the winners in each category, we'll create a recipe that includes those ingredients, no exceptions.

So let's get this thing started! Vote on the polls below, open until June 1.

Your winning video will go live in June, so keep an eye out on BuzzFeed Tasty's Facebook, and follow for more mouth-watering videos!