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17 True Struggles Of Leaving Your College Town

Where's the rewind button?

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1. It's no longer acceptable to wear college gear everywhere you go.

2. Which also means you have to expand your color palette beyond two colors.

3. You no longer live in a joyful place where the buildings are lined in your college mascot or letters.

4. And your friends do not all live within a five-minute proximity.

5. Drink specials are just not up to par with what you're used to.

6. And themed parties and bar crawls are way less frequent.

7. The amount of things you could get discounted with a student ID has decreased dramatically and it's a massive blow to your wallet.

8. People are not down with the idea of waking up at 9 a.m. for an 8 p.m. football game.

9. Nor does your entire (new) town go apeshit when you win.


10. You can't just walk into any store and expect to find your college swag.

11. It's significantly harder finding potential S.O.'s and hookups.

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12. The same goes with making new friends.

13. That one local restaurant you loved will never constantly be within your reach again.

14. And the soul-crushing lack of late-night drunk food choices makes you cry.

Unless you live in a major city.

15. Your fridge is no longer filled with liquid gifts because you're now a real human adult and feel obligated to have food instead of booze.

16. Your beer pong skills after college lose their magic from only playing once in a blue moon.

17. And you no longer have an excuse for not having your life together.


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