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19 True Struggles Of Being Addicted To YA Books As An Adult

True life: People think I'm a teen based on my Goodreads account.

1. You have a tendency to fall in love with literary characters and often have misguided expectations of real life relationships because of it.

2. You spend more time searching book tags on Tumblr than working.

3. You've heard people trash-talk some of your favorite books more times than you can count.

4. Because they can't seem to understand that you read books for enjoyment.

5. You can't help but imagine how that dystopian novel you're currently reading would play out on the big screen.

6. But if it's made into a movie, you undoubtedly have a ton of complaints.

7. You find yourself getting emotionally invested in a series and get irrationally angry at disappointing endings.

8. And you forget that the story you just read isn't real.

9. There's a strong probability you've missed a subway stop or almost walked into someone because you got too transfixed on a chapter.

10. You are convinced you would be prepared for several post-apocalyptic scenarios.

11. And you have way too many dreams about controlled societies and futuristic worlds.

12. You really don't want to admit it, but you've definitely read all these books.

13. And it's mostly because once you start a series, you can't just stop.

14. If you ever go to a book signing (or opening night of a book turned movie), you find yourself surrounded by tweens and teens.

15. And when people first find out about your YA addiction, they judge the hell out of you.

16. You ship more literary couples than you go on dates.

17. And you feel as though you're on a first-name basis with your favorite heroines.

18. You quote lines from books in everyday conversations and only a few people realize what you're referencing.

19. And you laugh more than you should at trilogy puns.

Basically your entire life is based on your love for YA and you DGAF.