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29 Times Tumblr Made "Harry Potter" Fans Cry All Over Again

Literally sobbing. Also, happy 17th anniversary to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!

1. When someone made this Mirror of Erised realization.

2. And then went into more details about it.

3. When the internet understood Snape's vendetta.

4. When someone put these two scenes together.

5. The only time Fred and George grew old together.

6. This:

7. When someone pointed out how badass Hermione and J.K. Rowling are.

8. This hurtful reminder.

9. When someone combined various scenes with Harry's famous line.

10. The time before Harry went to Hogwarts, imagined by a fan.

11. The relationship between Petunia and Lily.

12. This tear drop.

13. Remembering that Harry lost two of his father figures.

14. This really sweet moment between Harry and Hermione.

15. That time you cried over an owl...

16. Seeing Snape's distraught face.

17. When someone put together the intros and ends to every Potter movie made.

18. This paragraph from Order of the Phoenix.

19. This:

20. Fred's death accompanied by the sentence from the scene in the book.

21. When someone photoshopped this without Fred.

22. Snape telling Harry he is not a coward.

23. Ugh, this entire thing.

24. Molly's boggart.

25. And when someone wrote this message from Lily.

26. Seeing how close the three became from 10 years of filming.

27. And watching them cry on their last day of filming.

28. The first and last thing Harry ever said about Snape.

29. And of course, this story of the Phelps twins filming Fred's death scene.


Always <3

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