This Guy Built The Most Amazing Iron Man Suit You Will Ever See

    Pretty awesome for a cosplay newbie.

    Meet C. Rob, the man behind the incredible costume you are about to see.

    The Iron Man suit was made out of pepakura, which involved a lot of card stock and patience.

    It took roughly 11 months to build and and takes about 20 minutes for him to suit up.

    His goal was to build it for Halloween, and the time of completion required an estimated 2,000 hours.

    But oh man, it was WORTH IT.

    That is a thing of beauty.

    After Halloween, he used his costume to bring joy to kids at birthday parties.

    And visits children's hospitals to make new friends.

    Here he is, shopping at the mall.

    Posing with adorable fans.

    Looking spiffy in a tie.

    He even bought something nice for his real-life Pepper Potts.

    Who helps him put the suit on.

    And here he is at the Iron Man 3 premiere, making some kid's life.

    You're our hero, C. Rob!