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    This "Spider-Man" Fan Recreated Tom Holland's GQ Photoshoot And He Loved It


    Tori Bernal, a 19-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona, is an awesome photographer and Spider-Man fan.

    She went to awesome lengths to try and get the attention of lovable actor Tom Holland, who currently plays Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    And boy, did she fucking SLAY IT. Bernal recreated Holland's GQ shoot from 2017, and it's everything.

    Tori told BuzzFeed she used what she could to make the photos come to life — mountains by her home, curtains from her friend's house, etc.

    She ordered similar-looking clothing items off Poshmark and got the men's pajamas and Hawaiian red shirt from Walmart.

    Basically, she absolutely NAILED IT.

    A couple days later, she met Tom Holland in the flesh at Comicpalooza in Texas, and he said, "This was you?! These were viral yesterday!”

    Hats off, girl. You can follow Tori on Instagram here and you can read the full GQ story here.