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    This Crazy Cool Office Is Basically The Modern-Day Wonka Factory

    You know, minus the whole chocolate part.

    This is Davison, a Pittsburgh-based company that churns out roughly 2,000 new inventions per year.

    The 61,000-square-foot wonderland (aka Inventionland) was specifically designed to spark imagination and foster creative thinking.

    Founder and CEO George Davison believes the best work comes out of the spirit of play, and therefore designed one hell of an office space for his "creationeers."

    Here's the Pet Shack, where you can "take your imagination for a walk."

    And this is the Discovery Ship, which features a deck full of desks and inventors.

    Davy's Treehouse? Yeah, you can work in there.

    Or you can go in the robot room if that's your thing.

    Maybe you just want to let your creative juices flow in this cabin. Totally cool.

    Hungry? Follow the candy into the Concept Kitchen.

    And sweat off those calories at the Ball Park.

    Or you could do a few rounds at the Motor Speedway.

    Don't forget to visit the kiddies at Nursery Nook!

    You can also do a little brainstorming in the Creation Cavern.

    Or hold an important meeting at Crafty Cottage or Inventalot Castle.

    And at the end of the day, you can take a rest at Home Sweet Home.

    Welcome to Inventionland!

    You can also schedule a factory tour here.