This Couple Took Selfies At All 118 Subway Stations In Manhattan

According to Gothamist, it took nine hours to complete with only two bathroom breaks.

1. Meet Kai Jordan and James Doernberg.

2. They’re college students who snapped selfies at all 118 subway stations in Manhattan.

3. The whole trip took roughly nine hours.

4. They would hop off the train, take a quick pic with the street sign, and then try to hop back on before the doors closed.

5. James came up with the idea in hopes of setting a personal record or accomplishment while in NYC.

6. Kai thought the idea was fun, and they both journeyed to the depths of underground New York.

Props for doing that in this heat.

7. James planned out the routes for time efficiency, and it worked out rather well for the couple.

8. They packed food and drinks for their Manhattan road trip.

9. And only took two bathroom breaks during the nine-hour quest.

10. They hit a few rough patches on the way.

11. Like rush-hour traffic.

12. And empty train cars.

Because the doors close faster, giving them very little time to snap a selfie.

13. And an angry conductor annoyed by their tomfoolery.

14. Not to mention it was 90 degrees.


15. But overall, they completed their mission.

16. Snapped over 130 GPOYs.

17. Met some interesting people along the way.

18. And of course, had a blast.

19. Good luck, you crazy kids!

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