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    17 Things You Actually Love Once You're A Full-On Adult

    We all come around, eventually.

    1. Taking naps on weekends and "remote" days.

    Remember when we were literally FORCED to sleep during the day??

    2. Getting practical gifts like socks and scarves for holidays.

    You know you’re getting old when you wouldn’t mind socks as a gift

    3. Quiet bars so you can actually hear your friends speak.

    Thinking of wearing a full helmet/mask in public with noise canceling ear phones and a microphone so I can talk to people at loud bars

    4. Going grocery shopping, tbh.

    For some reason I really like going grocery shopping after work nowadays and if that's not me being a full ass adult idk what is

    5. Signing up for rewards programs and getting those sweet discounts.

    Man I love coupons, cash back, and rewards programs. 👵🏼

    6. Spending a Saturday night...doing nothing.

    7. Not meeting up with everyone you come into contact with because you no longer have the time or patience.

    being an adult is just saying “let’s get together! when are you back in new york?” over and over again

    8. Starbucks gift cards.

    @andreamazing Santa brings us adults Hope...and maybe a Starbucks gift card if we're really good. 😉 Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🍭⛄

    9. Skipping bars for game nights.

    adult game nights > club or parties

    Settlers of Catan all day, every day.

    10. When a friend cancels plans that you weren't in the mood for anyway.

    when ur friends cancel plans but you didn't want to go out in the first place

    11. Getting in the bed with clean sheets.

    Adult life is when you're excited about getting some good sleep with clean bed sheets

    Shaved legs are a bonus because it feels SO NICE.

    12. Having a clean home.

    Other things that excite me as an adult. A clean home, laundry is almost done and a candle is burning.

    13. Going to bed hella early.

    Going to bed Going to bed early as a child early as an adult

    14. Holiday-scented candles and holiday decorations.

    I used to hate the smell of holiday candles. But that shit hits different now that I’m an adult.

    It just puts you in the mood, ya know?

    15. Vegetables.

    Tonight I turned down karaoke for roasted vegetables and a reasonable bedtime so yeah... I'm an adult

    Give me some roasted Brussels sprouts and FUCK. ME. UP.

    16. Saving money and working on your credit score.

    You know you an adult when an increase in your credit score gets you hype 😂

    Feels good to be in the high 700s.

    17. And of course, appreciating your friends and family because they enrich your life.

    if you have a good relationship with your family, appreciate it