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    15 Mistakes People Make The First Time They Go To Disneyland Paris

    Make the most of your Disneyland Paris trip!

    1. First things first, people often don't realize you can take the RER train from Paris directly to Disneyland.

    It will save you lots of money.

    2. Second, some visitors don't know a Disneyland app exists — and it's super helpful!


    You can find out the wait time for attractions, see what's currently closed for refurbishment, find certain rides or restaurants on a map, etc.

    3. And don't forget that you can connect to free WiFi in the parks.

    Arielle Calderon

    You just have to fill some info in, but the connection is pretty solid.

    4. People stick to quick service restaurants, but forget to make reservations in advance for cool spots like Chez Remy's.

    Arielle Calderon

    This restaurant is SO CUTE. The entire design is made to be from the perspective of rats, so all the decor is made of huge dining tools and everyday items.

    5. Many newbies don't rope drop Crush's Coaster in Walt Disney Studios, which means VERY long lines.

    Arielle Calderon

    "Rope drop" means running to a specific ride as soon as the parks open. Fastpass is not available for this ride, so you can expect really long lines.

    6. Sometimes people assume all rides have Fastpass, but they don't.

    Arielle Calderon

    Below are rides AVAILABLE with Fastpass:


    * Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Adventureland

    * Star Wars: Hyperspace Mountain, Discoveryland

    * Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Discoveryland

    * Big Thunder Mountain, Frontierland

    * Peter Pan's Flight, Fantasyland

    * Star Tours, Discoveryland


    * Rock'n'Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith, Backlot

    * The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Production Courtyard

    * Ratatouille: The Adventure, Toon Studio

    7. And in general, people fail to make a strategy for it.

    Arielle Calderon

    You can't reserve Fastpasses through the app, you get physical tickets. You arrive at the ride you want the passes for, scan your park entrance ticket, and you'll receive a Fastpass for the time indicated at the Fastpass queue.

    Here's everything you need to know about Fastpasses at Disneyland!

    8. The crowd mostly walks on Main Street without going through the arcades on the right and left sides.

    Arielle Calderon

    It's a beautiful space and you should definitely check it out!

    9. When it comes to food, people can NOT miss out on sugar waffles! They are delightful.

    Arielle Calderon

    10. Oh, and fries from Hakuna Matata. They have corn in them or something and they are addicting.

    Arielle Calderon

    11. But above all else, when getting food, always check the operating hours of the restaurants because sometimes they close earlier than you expect.


    12. When visiting the castle, don't forget to go underneath and see the dragon in the dungeon.

    Arielle Calderon

    You can't find this in Disneyland California!

    13. And remember to walk through the labyrinth for a cute little Alice in Wonderland adventure.

    Arielle Calderon

    14. If you don't know much about Disney parks, you might miss dining at Walt's on Main Street — which is rumored to look a lot like Club 33.

    15. When you're all done, don't forget to end the day with a glowtini at Café Fantasia at Disneyland Hotel! The pianist even plays Disney tunes.

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