20 Crazy Facts About The Making Of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

In honor of the movie's 20th anniversary.

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1. The stop-motion musical had 24 frames to a second, meaning they had to pose characters 24 times for each second of the completed film.


They had to move a character, take a picture, move the character, take a picture, and so on.

11. Set designer Gregg Olsson built a quarter-scale mock-up of Halloween Town as a model for the real set.


Parts of the set also broke off into smaller pieces because the real-size set wouldn't all fit in one space.

16. Composer and lyricist Danny Elfman didn't have a script to write the songs from.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via hoppip.tumblr.com

He asked Tim Burton to describe a scene and then Elfman would compose the song.

You can watch the full video on the making of The Nightmare Before Christmas here.

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