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31 Signs You're Obsessed With "Wicked"

Because I saw you, I have been changed for good.

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4. This video of Idina and Kristin rehearsing gives you so much joy.

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6. You love everything about the Emerald City costumes and you wish you could incorporate more green into your wardrobe.

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I bet this is where The Hunger Games got their ideas for Capitol Couture.

17. This is an accurate depiction of your car rides.

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23. And you are still enthralled by the backstories of all the characters.

Fiyero is the Scarecrow?? Boq is the Tin Man?? The lion cub saved by Elphaba turns out to be the Cowardly Lion?? SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW.

24. Even though nothing will top the original soundtrack, you love watching YouTube videos of Wicked covers.

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