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31 Signs You're Obsessed With "Wicked"

Because I saw you, I have been changed for good.

1. You own the Original Cast Recording and have played it on repeat so many times, you're surprised it's still kickin'.

2. You even have it available on various digital platforms.


Listening to "Dancing Through Life" on Spotify at work? You better believe it.

3. You saved your Playbill from the show because it signifies the best day of your life.

4. This video of Idina and Kristin rehearsing gives you so much joy.

View this video on YouTube

5. You've sang "Defying Gravity" at karaoke before and probably got weird looks because of it.

Or at least you really wanted to.

6. You love everything about the Emerald City costumes and you wish you could incorporate more green into your wardrobe.

Kristian Dowling / Getty

I bet this is where The Hunger Games got their ideas for Capitol Couture.

7. And let's not forget their superfly shades.

Kristian Dowling / Getty

8. You took a picture of the set even though your phone is supposed to be turned off.

And you probably bought Wicked swag during intermission.

9. When Elphaba flies during "Defying Gravity," you get really excited.

10. And when she belts out, "Briiiiiing meeee dooowwwwwwnnn," you almost die of chills.

11. And then she hits that ending note and you are just exploding with happiness.

12. You've considered going broke just to see Wicked multiple times.

13. And you tried the lotto in hopes of winning $30 tickets.

14. You get stoked when a Wicked alum makes it to TV or the big screen.

15. And you're proud to know that Adam Lambert was once in the ensemble, way before his American Idol days.

16. You SWOONED when Aaron Tveit played Fiyero, and laughed when he supposedly put on Glinda's blue dress and tore it.

17. This is an accurate depiction of your car rides.

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18. When "Popular" comes on, you channel your inner Cheno and sing with a quirky inflection.

19. This was probably one of your favorite lines from the show.

20. You may even have read the book.

Which is what the musical is based on so you should really read it if you haven't.

21. You're so glad Galinda with a GA didn't end up with Fiyero.

22. Because Elphaba is the best and she is THE GOOD WITCH.

23. And you are still enthralled by the backstories of all the characters.

Fiyero is the Scarecrow?? Boq is the Tin Man?? The lion cub saved by Elphaba turns out to be the Cowardly Lion?? SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW.

24. Even though nothing will top the original soundtrack, you love watching YouTube videos of Wicked covers.

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

25. You're sick and tired of the "Keep Calm" posters, but you would most definitely buy this one.

26. You are laughing at this right now and have undoubtedly started singing "No Good Deed."

27. You kind of really wish you could attend Shiz University.

Courtesy of Matt Crockett / Apollo Victoria Theatre

28. Because Doctor Dillamond would be the coolest teacher ever.

Courtesy of the Wicked National tour

29. And you would make an unexpected BFF.

30. Also, we can bet you're itchin' to see the show again right now...

31. Because it's your favorite musical and the greatest creation there ever was.

Even if you haven't had the chance to see it.