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    21 Things You Didn't Know About Scott Eastwood And Britt Robertson

    The Longest Ride duo dish on everything from dating to doppelgangers.

    If you enjoy romance novels and movies, there's a good chance you've seen a Nicholas Sparks creation (and even if you're not into romance, you probably cried during The Notebook anyway). Now with Sparks' latest book turned movie, The Longest Ride, Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson star as the leads and bring this love affair to life. The movie entwines two stories that are linked with the same themes, with Eastwood playing a bull rider and Robertson playing a hopeful art gallery owner.

    In promotion of their new film, the duo played a truth-or-lie game with BuzzFeed called "Bull or Bull's-Eye." The premise is easy: We read aloud a scenario, and they tell us if it's bullshit or a bull's-eye. Here's what happened:

    1. I've texted someone "k" before:

    Britt Robertson: Oh, bull’s-eye.

    You guys are OK with it?

    BR: Oh yeah, it’s just short and sweet, you know?

    Scott Eastwood: Yeah, I’m OK with it.

    You don’t think it’s passive-aggressive? Like, a short-handed reply to something?

    BR: Ooooo, passive-aggressive! I would never. That’s bullshit!

    SE: Yeah I just use it more for “OK.”

    2. I’ve canceled on a date last-minute because I wanted to stay in and relax:

    SE: Horrible, but yes.

    BR: (laughs) Bull’s-eye! I mean, that happens all the time, not even just romantic dates, but also friend dates.

    SE: And that’s what I do with you, pretty much all the time.

    BR: Thank you.

    What do you usually do?

    BR: Yeah, binge-watch TV, movies, baseball, have dog time, sleep time. Yeah, that’s what I do instead of going out on dates.

    3. I’ve been bull-riding (pre-movie) before:

    SE: Bullshit.

    BR: Bullshit.

    4. I’ve been on a mechanical bull at a bar:

    BR: Oooooh! I haven’t, but I really want to.

    SE: What?! We need to go drinking. We’ll get you on a bull.

    BR: Where do they have it? I don’t know, I’ll think on it.

    Yeah, I think there's one here in New York.

    BR: Ladies, take me out!

    5. I’ve been to a rodeo:

    BR: Bing bing bing, bull’s-eye.

    Was it fun or weird?

    SE: No, yeah, it’s great.

    BR: I love rodeos! I had never been to a rodeo prior to the movie.

    6. I once swiped left on a Tinder match by mistake:

    BR: Never been on Tinder so that’s bullshiiiiiit.

    SE: No, but I have been on my friend’s Tinder for fun. Because I was like, “I’ve got to see what this thing is about!” You swipe left, swipe right, swipe left.

    Were they mad at you for swiping left or right?

    SE: Oh yeah, I swiped a couple they weren’t happy about.

    BR: Does left mean yes?

    No, it means no. Swipe right is a match.

    BR: Oh, cool! (laughs)

    7. I've gotten a tattoo because of a relationship I was in (or I would):

    SE: Bullshit.

    BR: Pssshhh NO! Not even if I was married, no, no, I don’t even have any tattoos!

    SE: What about your kid’s name? I’d do a kid’s name. Yeah, I can do that.

    BR: No! I’m sorry, I’ll tell the kid I love the kid. I’m not gonna get a tattoo.

    SE: Well, this is where you and I differ.

    8. I've been on two dates in one day:

    BR: (laughs)

    SE: (laughs)

    BR: I was young, I was stupid.

    Is that what you’re going to leave it at?

    SE: Yeah! (laughs)

    BR: Young and dumb.

    9. I've done the Notebook kiss IRL:

    BR: Oh yeah, bull’s-eye!

    SE: Bullshit. When have you done the Notebook kiss in the rain?

    BR: I’ve kissed in the rain so many times. I think one of my first kisses was in the rain. It was in Washington, D.C., with some kid named Dash, in eighth grade. It was in the rain.

    SE: Dash?! I don’t know who you are, parents out there naming your kid Dash…

    BR: Hippies, actually. Anyway, I’ve done the Notebook kiss.

    And you seem like a hard no, Scott.

    SE: No, I’ve never done a Notebook kiss in the rain.

    BR: How do you not — you love that.

    SE: What do you mean?! NO.

    BR: Why not, it’s pretty easy.

    SE: ‘Cause it’s cold when it’s raining outside.

    BR: Not — how many times were we in North Carolina when it was raining and it was warm? Sorry, we argue a lot.

    10. I have stayed in all weekend to binge-watch something on Netflix:

    BR: Not Netflix, though, does that count?


    SE: Bullshit.

    BR: He doesn’t do stuff like that, but I do.

    What do you watch?

    BR: Most recent it was The Jinx.

    SE: What’s The Jinx?

    BR: Oh, it’s crazy. I’m going to rock your world when we’re done with this.

    11. I've dated a country boy/girl:

    SE: Bull’s-eye.

    BR: Maybe? I’ll go halfsies. Yeah, he was from Texas, but, like, not country.

    12. I've written someone a love letter:

    BR: Oh yeah, bull’s-eye, I’m a girl, c’mon.

    SE: Hmmmm, there’s been some love notes.

    BR: I’m sure his letters don’t consist of anything lovely. I’m just kidding. (laughs)

    13. I've cried watching a Nicholas Sparks movie:

    SE: Bull’s-eye.

    Which ones?

    BR: A Walk to Remember. I cry every time.

    SE: You really like that one.

    BR: I love that one.

    14. I've cried reading a Nicholas Sparks book:

    BR: Bull’s-eye.

    SE: Which one did you read?

    BR: The Longest Ride. I did cry, but not for the reasons you would cry in the movie.

    Fair enough.

    BR: It touched me personally.

    15. I believe in love at first sight:

    BR: Bull. That’s crapola.

    SE: Uh….

    BR: Yeah, I bet you do! (laughs)

    SE: I've fallen in love a few first sight...

    BR: (laughs) Yeah, how long does that love last?

    SE: (laughs)

    16. I am secretly a pretty good artist:

    SE: Bullshit.

    BR: I think I’m not a good artist. I mean, if you count acting, but even then, I’ve got some work to do.

    I’m thinking more like drawing.

    BR: No, horrible!

    Not even stick figures?

    BR: I can draw a puppy face like it’s nobody’s business. (laughs)

    SE: That’s good, that comes in handy. Good skill set in life.

    17. I have drunk-texted an ex:

    BR: Oh, definitely. Bull’s-eye. I think anyone who says they have not is lying. At least in my generation of things.

    SE: Isn’t there a word for that?

    BR: Drunk-dialing.

    SE: What do they call it? Oh, booty-calling.

    BR: No that’s different.

    SE: That’s a word I heard once. (laughs)

    18. I have stalked a crush on Instagram and double-tapped by mistake:

    SE: Oh, like a soft stalk? ‘Cause we all do it. Soft-stalking people on Instagram.

    BR: Soft stalk?

    SE: It’s not like a full stalker thing, it’s more of a little stalk. (laughs)

    BR: You’re so creepy. That’s so weird, I never thought you would be a soft stalker, or a stalker of any kind!

    SE: Oh, like you never had a soft-stalk moment. That’s bullshit.

    BR: Maybe not Instagram, maybe Facebook. Facebook, for sure bull’s-eye because sometimes I like to see what people are up to 10 years later.

    Have you ever double-tapped by accident?

    BR: Oh yeah, the accidental like.

    SE: To be clear, I didn’t even know people were notified when you push the like button. Is that a big thing? And then you’re like, “OMG I didn’t mean to do that to an ex!” or something?

    BR: That’s so awkward.

    SE: I didn’t even know!

    19. I’ve had a friend call and save me from a horrible first date:

    BR: Yesssss!

    SE: I’ve had some fake friends save me some from horrible dates.

    BR: We talked about one earlier!

    SE: Yeah, we did.

    BR: On the one blind date I went on, I had a backup. If I texted you the code word, you call and say my dogs are sick. That’s horrible. (knocks on wood) That’s a horrible excuse.

    20. I've been to a sorority/fraternity party:

    BR: Yes! (laughs) So many. My girlfriend was in a sorority and I went to so many. They’re awful. They're not a lot of fun.

    SE: Ehhhhh, sorority parties aren’t that awful, but you know, whatever.

    BR: I mean, it’s just like, they can be awful. I didn’t know anyone; that’s why it was awful.

    SE: I don’t think they’re awful.

    BR: Of course you don’t.

    21. Have you ever been mistaken on the street for your doppelganger?

    BR: OK, no, but I had a girl come up to me recently when I was in my hometown in Greenville, South Carolina, and no one there recognizes me ever. She came off the street into the restaurant and asked if I was in the new movie Jupiter Ascending. I was like, “Mila Kunis?!” I look nothing like Mila Kunis! It was the most bizarre thing. I think what happened is that they saw a Tomorrowland preview or something and got the two mixed up. I wouldn’t say she’s my doppleganger at all but it was a really bizarre encounter that I wanted to share with you.

    Thank you, that was a good story. Scott, do you have a doppelganger?

    BR: Daddy-o? You always get mistaken for him. [Clint Eastwood, FYI.]

    SE: Yeah, they’re always mistaking me for an 84-year-old man. (laughs)

    BR: People love to be like, “Wow, you look just like him.”

    SE: “You mean, like, when he was 30...right?” And they’re like, “Ehh...yeah.”

    Watch Scott and Britt dish about their doppelgangers in the clip below:

    The Longest Ride hits theaters today!