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18 Reasons You Had A Crush On John Bender From The Breakfast Club

Don't you forget about him.

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1. John Bender was a total badass who could light a match with his fucking teeth.

2. He could get people to do anything, like whistle in sync.

3. And roam the halls during detention.

A clear violation of school rules.

4. Bender was a bad influence in every way.

And dang, you loved it.

And dang, you loved it.

5. He wasn't afraid to express his feelings.

Even to an authority figure.

6. He pointed out the struggles of life and recognized no one is perfect.

Which basically makes him perfect.

7. John made you laugh. During the entire movie.

We love your satire, Bender.

We love your satire, Bender.

8. Especially his profane jokes.

9. He also had some pretty great dance moves.

10. Let's not forget how hot he was.


12. No one has ever looked that good flipping their hair.

13. He was confident, and you like that in a man.

14. His facial reactions were everything.

15. And he gave zero fucks.

16. He told it like it was.

Respect that honesty.

17. You just wanted this to be you. Is that so much to ask?

18. John Bender made every girl wish their life was an 80s movie.

And now you're sad it's not.

Love you, bb.


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