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    23 Reasons We're Going To Deeply Miss Pam From "True Blood"

    Whether or not she dies in the series finale, we'll miss her side-eye.

    1. First of all, Pam is the bitchy vampire all Trubies have loved from day one.

    2. Her attitude and snark make her one of the best characters on TV today.

    3. She's great with play on words.

    4. And her understanding of pop culture is truly something to appreciate.


    5. Pam is the realest vamp up in Bon Temps and you can't help but admire her honesty.

    6. She treats everyone equally.

    7. But when it comes to her Maker, Eric, she will do anything for him.

    8. Seriously, her loyalty is unparalleled.

    9. Pam feels the same way we all feel about Sookie.

    10. And she's basically the only character that won't put up with her faery bullshit.


    11. Even though Pam is a tough cookie, she also has a sensitive side.

    12. And she'll occasionally do you a favor (even if she hates you).


    13. Pam suffers from Resting Bitch Face syndrome (RBF) and it makes her so relatable.


    14. And the only thing better than her RBF is her sass.

    15. Half the reason to watch True Blood is specifically for Pam's one-liners.

    16. She knows when someone has gone too far.

    17. And you can trust that her threats are anything but empty.

    18. Pam's sarcasm is like a gift given to fans from the TV gods.

    19. And her ability to instill fear but make people laugh at the same time is her best skill.


    20. Pam has no filter, which is truly a blessing.

    21. And her comparisons are surprisingly accurate.

    22. Basically, Pam is the absolute best part of True Blood.


    23. And no other character will compare to her bitchy attitude and snarky one-liners.

    Farewell, Pam. Never change.



    The True Blood series finale airs on HBO Aug. 24 at 9/8 p.m. CT.

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