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    Pickle Ice Cream Exists In NYC And It's Actually Not Bad

    *Reevaluates life choices*

    Hello everyone, I'm Arielle, and I was brave enough to try pickle ice cream. This is my story.

    A restaurant on the Upper West Side in Manhattan just opened, and it's called Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.

    And yes, you guessed it, they serve dumplings.

    Instagram: @ariellesays

    It's another restaurant by Jacob Hadjigeorgis, who also owns Jacob's Pickles and Maison Pickle.

    But besides dumplings and cold noodles, they also have pickle ice cream. PICKLE. ICE. CREAM. 😳

    Because I hate myself, I decided to try this soft serve and pray that my intestines would remain intact.

    So I ordered one, got my camera out, and hoped for the best.

    And surprisingly, it was good??? It tasted more like cucumber and honey than pickles. It had a hint of sour, but not overwhelming.

    Even a child came in and asked for the pickle ice cream. On purpose.

    I'm sort of questioning everything in my life, but cheers to hipster food and new experiences I guess.

    Lucky Pickle Dumpling is on Amsterdam Ave between 84th and 85th streets.

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