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    17 New Year's Resolutions Every Homebody Should Make

    It's time to party. Maybe. If we don't stay too late.

    1. I will stop making up excuses to cancel plans.

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    Will last until: You get a Facebook invite for a bar crawl and suddenly remember you have laundry to do.

    2. I will stay at a party for longer than 20 minutes.

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    Will last until: There are more people you don't know than you do. Can't we just chill at someone's apartment?

    3. I will go to a club at least once this year.

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    4. I will stop binge-watching Netflix every other weekend.

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    Will last until: A rainy day, when a Breaking Bad marathon sounds awesome.

    5. I will stop judging people for their outgoing personality.

    Will last until: Someone starts screaming "SHOTS!" at the bar.

    6. I will not spend an entire Saturday in bed.

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    Will last until: Next Saturday. After a long week of work and responsibilities, reading a book or watching movies sounds like bliss.

    7. I will go out on Friday night.

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    Will last until: You suddenly remember how low your bank account is and would rather do a game night with close friends.

    8. When someone asks what I'm doing this weekend, I will respond with actual plans.

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    Will last until: Next Friday, when you'd really just rather clean and run errands than hang out with people.

    9. I will stop ignoring phone calls and texts messages in an attempt to seem busy or unavailable.

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    Will last until: Headphones and a day to yourself consume your thoughts.

    10. I will attempt to hang out with coworkers after hours more frequently.

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    Will last until: You become dedicated to a TV show every weekday.

    11. I will not be tempted by the couch during house parties.

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    Will last until: Everyone starts dancing.

    12. I will not eat most of my meals in my room.

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    Will last until: The next time you order delivery.

    13. I will wear pants at least once a day.

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    Will last until: January 1st, when you have the day off.

    14. I will make an effort to go out on more dates.

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    Will last until: You're paralyzed with fear at the prospect of an awkward two hours of your life.

    15. I will entertain my out-of-town friends 24/7.

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    Will last until: Your body needs a recharge and you yearn for just a little bit of quiet time.

    16. I will talk to more people in-person than online.

    Will last until: You realize how many Tumblr users you can geek out with about your favorite fandom.

    17. I will go out on New Year's AND stay up to see the ball drop.

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    Will last until: Tonight. Let's be honest, NYE is overrated and sleep is way more important.