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17 Jokes You'll Relate To If You've Ever Been On A Diet

There's a reason the word "die" is in "diet."

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1. When you plan to start the diet tomorrow so you obviously clean out the pantry in an effort to not waste food.

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2. When you're impatient AF.

3. When you try the whole "eat less move more" thing, but your mind simply cannot compute such an equation.

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4. When you begin the journey and you're on track, and then Diane shows up to work with doughnuts and you've forgotten the whole "I'm on a diet" thing.

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5. When it's weigh-in day and you remember all the pizza and cookies you had last night.


6. But it's always a pleasant surprise when you've lost weight thanks to your morning cup of coffee.

7. When you try to "eat things in moderation" but the struggle is too real.

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8. When the weight falls off but so does something else...

9. When your main objective of working out is justifying eating all the pizza you want.

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10. When you reward yourself for a hard day's work.

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11. When you attempt portion control but your willpower is weaker than you want to admit.

12. When you're stressed AF and you cope the only way you know how.

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13. When this happens and you secretly want to audibly sigh until you run out of breath.

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14. This tweet that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

15. That moment when you quite literally strip down before hopping on the scale.


16. When a holiday rolls around and you get creative in order to avoid judging eyes.

17. And this one-liner that is too damn accurate.

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