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    13 Instagramable Hostels From Around The World That Are Cheap AF

    Who needs a hotel?

    1. 7 Fells Hostel: Akaslompolo, Finland

    What makes it cool: I mean, look at that view! Reviews from the website say it's clean, has great staff, and is an ideal location.

    Price per night: $30 - $100

    2. Dar Dadiclief: Chefchaouen, Morocco,

    What makes it cool: It's located in the "blue city" and will make you feel serene.

    Price per night: $25 - $45

    3. 99 Surf Lodge: Popoyo, Nicaragua

    What makes it cool: It has a pretty SICK infinity pool! It's also a great place for surfers and most reviews said it felt more like a hotel than a hostel.

    Price per night: $25

    4. Ccasa Hostel: Nha Trang, Vietnam,

    What makes it cool: Unique and modern architecture, along with hammock-like nets to chill on.

    Price per night: $7 - $36

    5. Away with the Fairies: Hogsback, South Africa

    What makes it cool: It's charming, their rooms are named after Lord of the Rings characters, and they have a bathtub at the bottom of their view point. Perfect Insta opportunity.

    Price per night: $15 - $57

    6. The Farm Hostel: Canggu, Indonesia

    Larissa Pereira <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="http://Www.larissaperei&#34;&amp;gt;larissaperei&amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;, HostelWorld

    What makes it cool: It has a pretty pool and reviews mention several times how nice the bathrooms are. Also this has strong Eat, Pray, Love vibes.

    Price per night: $14

    7. Abbey Court: Dublin, Ireland

    What makes it cool: Amazing atmosphere, and they do an infamous nightly pub crawl for guests.

    Price per night: $15 - $30

    8. Bambuda Lodge: Bocas del Toro, Panama


    What makes it cool: Awesome views of the jungle, communal dinners, and you can even sleep outside if that's your thing.

    Price per night: $20 - $115

    9. Central Backpackers Hostel: Catba, Vietnam

    What makes it cool: It's a fun party hostel with bungalows by the pool and a Sunday night BBQ dinner.

    Price per night: $7 - $35

    10. Santos Express Train Lodge: Mossel Bay, South Africa

    What makes it cool: Ummm, you get to sleep in an abandoned train! And it's right by the ocean.

    Price per night: $14 - $90

    11. Die Wohngemeinschaft: Cologne, Germany

    What makes it cool: Each room has its own charm and theme, making your stay a one-of-a-kind experience. Look at this spaceship room!

    Price per night: $75 - $125

    12. Rodamon Riad: Marrakech, Morocco

    What makes it cool: I mean, this literally looks like an Instagram dream. It's absolutely beautiful and reviewers mention how friendly and helpful the staff are.

    Price per night: $80 - $117

    13. Greengos Hostel: Semuc Champey, Guatemala


    What makes it cool: It's nestled right in the Semuc Champey valley and has incredible views.

    Price per night: $10 - $30

    So what are you waiting for?! Adventure is calling.


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