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15 Hilarious Photoshop Responses To Twitter's #1LetterWrongMovie

This hashtag deserves all the awards.

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1. "The Hanger Games"

2. "Deer John"

Ken Lynggaard / Via Twitter: @BBCR1

3. "Snapes on a Plane"

4. "Finding Emo"

5. "Pilates of the Caribbean"

6. "Lord of the Bings"

7. "Perminator"

8. "The Pimpsons"

9. "Toyz N the Hood"

10. "28 Days Late"

11. "Lord of the Wings"

12. "Jurassic Pork"

13. "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Scone"

14. "Life of Po"

15. "FoodFellas"

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