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15 Times Tumblr Perfectly Captured How Boss Minerva McGonagall Is

She's a boss-ass witch.

1. When the tags said it all.

2. When the caption was almost as good as the fan art.

3. When someone made a GIF set of McGonagall bringing the sass.

4. When someone decided to mix a scene from the book with a scene from the movie.

It is a CRIME that this line was not included in the movies.

5. When someone created this headcanon.

6. When a user pointed out why Maggie Smith and Minerva McGonagall are one in the same.

7. These screenshots that prove how in sync Snape and McGonagall can be.

8. This accurate reimagining of what Minerva is really thinking.

9. This quote from Emma Watson that describes how wonderful Maggie Smith actually is.

10. This reminder of just how brave MM is.

11. This tidbit from Mugglenet that explains the origins of McGonagall's name.

12. This collection of some of the most iconic Minerva moments.

13. This amazing moment from the books.

14. When a user highlighted McGonagall's Quidditch skills.

15. And when someone pointed out one of the best scenes from the books that should have been included in the movies.


Cheers to the baddest witch in town. <3