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31 Times Tumblr Had Jokes About The "Harry Potter" Series

Bless the internet.

1. When someone renamed the titles after Harry's real feelings.

2. When someone combined Harry Potter with an OITNB reference.

3. When someone cast this spell.

4. When Tumblr gave Harry a whole new background.

5. When someone perfectly described the four houses.

6. When someone raised the important question of teenage pregnancy.

7. When someone made a very disturbing new book.

8. When someone made this cruel, cruel joke.

9. That time Tumblr revealed what Hermione was really up to in Chamber of Secrets.

10. When these fandoms crossed.

11. When someone questioned Dumbledore's logic.

12. When someone made the perfect response to haters.

13. When the Queen herself referenced Tumblr to show Draco's perspective.

14. When a person tried to use Dobby to avoid chores.

15. This Tumblr dashboard coincidence.

16. When Tumblr made a whole new Potter series.

17. When someone pointed out Harry's sass.

18. When someone noticed this truth...

19. ...and then revealed this LIE.

20. When someone raised a sirius question.

21. When a Tumblr user actually went there.

22. When someone put new captions over existing gifs.

23. When Tumblr went in a very different direction.

24. When Tumblr went straight up morbid.

25. When someone turned to page 394 of Cosmo.

26. When someone made the internet version of Sorcerer's Stone.

27. When Tumblr showed their true (house) colors.

28. When someone questioned Lockhart.

29. When Tumblr went a little too far with Tom Riddle's diary.

30. When someone made this (too soon) Pitch Perfect reference.

31. And this: