A Group Of Friends Started A Twitter Campaign To Get A Girl A Bionic Arm

And the video will probably make you tear up.

2. This is Torri, an 18-year old girl from Ohio who was born with a right arm that wasn’t fully developed.

3. Despite her disability, she still played sports and faced life with a positive attitude.

4. But her biggest dream was to hug her dad, so her friends started a Twitter campaign called #HandForTorri.

Torri’s best friend said the number one thing she wanted to do was help her friend Torri find an arm.

Praying torri receives the money she needs for her hand #HandForTorri

— Tyler Torrez ⚾ (@baseballbeaner)

I don't personally know torri but I know some of her story and she should come nothing short of what she wants and deserves #HandForTorri

— lindsey arns (@linnyarns)

8. The campaign got the attention of The Buried Life, and they surprised her at Invisible Children’s leadership conference.

The Buried Life is a group of guys who travel the globe to complete a list of things to do before they die, and for every item checked off, they help a stranger achieve their dreams.

9. And that’s when she was told Hanger Clinic was going to give her a custom-made bionic arm.

Hanger Clinic is the leading provider of prosthetics and they donated $150,000 to make this happen.

10. Two weeks later, she got it.

11. And hugged her dad.


12. The Buried Life tells us Torri is currently working at an ice cream shop and uses her bionic arm every day.

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