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    17 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are The Absolute Best Dogs

    How could you even resist??

    1. First of all, doxies are unbelievably cute.

    2. Their ears are as majestic as Dumbo.

    3. You can even style their hair if it's long enough!

    4. Sometimes dachshunds can get a little confused.

    5. But they're also incredibly smart, and can even learn Harry Potter tricks!

    6. Doxies' bodies are fascinating.

    7. They are so long!

    8. And they waddle in the cutest way.

    9. Did we even mention how majestic they look when running through snow in slo-mo?

    10. Dachshunds are silly...

    11. ...friendly...

    12. ...and have hilarious names, like Linguine the Weenie.

    13. Doxies can be full of energy.

    14. But they can also Netflix and nap.

    15. These pups are good at keeping lifelong friends.

    16. But they're not afraid to let others know who's in charge.

    17. Basically doxies are the best and we love them.