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    Daniel Radcliffe And Juno Temple Play A Game Of "Would You Ever?"

    Would Dan Rad and Juno Temple recline their seats on airplane??

    In promotion of their new thriller Horns, Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple play a round of Devil or Angel with BuzzFeed. Would they be the good or bad guy in this situation?

    Would you take a kid's candy from them on Halloween?

    Would you prank someone afraid of snakes with a rubber snake?

    Would you eat an entire box of doughnuts?

    Would you lie about something big to cover a secret?

    Would you lie about something small for no real reason?

    Would you suddenly stop texting someone back after you lost interest?

    Would you stop and help an old lady cross the street?

    Would you report a theft you witnessed?

    Would you cut the queue for the tube?

    Would you upstream someone for a cab?

    Would you recline your seat on an airplane? [Ed.: I consider reclining to be a Devil move. Sorry not sorry.]

    Would you tell someone they have something stuck in their teeth?

    Would you order something for a party and pretend you cooked it yourself?

    Would you take credit for something that isn't yours?

    Would you make up an excuse to cancel on friends but then stay home and watch TV?

    You can catch Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple in Horns in theaters and on demand and on iTunes Oct. 31.