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21 Daily Struggles Of People Who Work In Advertising

Please read this list by EOD.

1. Resisting the urge to critique every commercial or OOH ad you see.

2. Recognizing fonts and typefaces more than people in your office.

3. Dying a little inside when your non-ad friends leave their jobs by 6 p.m.

4. Debating if you should jump agencies or stick it out in hopes of a promotion.

5. Eating a lonely lunch at your desk while you try to power through a deck.

6. Dealing with clients on retainer who want you to do things that aren't included in the retainer...for free.

7. Filling out time sheets that are itemized by 8,000* different job numbers.

*Slightly inaccurate but for real why are there so many job numbers?!

8. Or forgetting to do your time sheets and scrambling to add random hours and codes before submitting them.

9. Constantly being targeted by awkward banner ads because of the research you have to do for your client and its competitors.

Sorry, pharma teams.

10. Getting stuck in a status meeting that drags on way longer than necessary.

11. Sitting by someone who's talking really loud on a conference call.

12. Or being surrounded by rowdy creatives while you're trying to listen in on a call.

13. Waiting on something to be approved by the client before you can leave the office.

14. Getting everything done ASAP or by EOD.

15. Having the client shoot down your ideas.

16. And going through several rounds of creative development.

17. Always coming to work hungover.

18. Or using your sick days to recover.

19. Waiting on legal for basically everything.

20. Every time the client tells you they don't have the budget for something.

21. And never being able to explain your job to friends and family.

Courtesy of AMC

No, it's not really like Mad Men.