21 Cats Who Are Too Adorably Stupid For Their Own Good


    1. These cats who didn't think about the consequences of chasing that shadow.

    2. This cat who backed up just a little too far.

    3. This cat who tried to get ahead and paid the price for it.

    4. This cat who just...

    5. This cat who actually landed gracefully, considering.

    6. This cat who tried to get comfortable and failed.

    7. This cat who just wanted to cuddle in a box.

    8. This cat who doesn't know how stairs work.

    9. This little engine that couldn't.

    10. This cat who doesn't understand how doors work.

    11. This cat who can't figure out how to put sandals on.

    12. This cat who let curiosity get the best of him.

    13. This cat who put too much trust in that pillow.

    14. This cat whose failure had an impact on everyone else.

    15. This cat who tried to flirt and failed miserably.

    16. This kitten who's way more afraid of a lizard than she should be.

    17. This cat who hasn't figured it out yet.

    18. This meerkat learning the majestic wonders of a computer/DVD.

    19. This guy who doesn't understand the function of a bean bag.

    20. This little baby who lost this game to the toy.

    21. And this cat who is apparently petrified by vegetables.

    Seriously though, are you OK?

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