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28 Cats Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Mondays, amirite?

1. This cat who just wanted to check out that big red dot.

2. This cat who just caught up on Breaking Bad.

3. This kitty that drank too much milk last night.

4. This cat who's in the middle of an epic battle with a hair tie.

5. This cat who just wanted to get you a balloon for your birthday.

6. This cat whose tail got a little too close to these water bottles.

7. This kitty who just wanted some yogurt for breakfast.

8. This cat who tried to scare a dog and failed miserably.

9. This cat who didn't see that kitten coming.

10. This cat who thought a can of soda would be refreshing but was obviously very wrong.

11. This cat who had aspirations of being a gymnast.

12. This cat who was forced to take a selfie.

13. This cat who just wanted to impress the ladies.

14. This kitten who didn't think this ceiling fan thing through.

15. This kitten who had dreams of jumping high but has some more work to do.

16. This cat who ate too much tuna this week.

17. This kitten who underestimated the size of this pug.

18. This cat who was too curious about the bathtub.

19. This kitten who can't seem to catch the animated mouse.

20. This cat who caught his roommate eating his ice cream.

21. This cat who can't seem to figure out where the measuring tape is running off to.

22. This cat who's extremely offended by this strawberry.

23. This kitty who realized too late the evilness of bananas.

24. This cat who just wanted some privacy.

25. This cat who's paranoid about his catnip being laced.

26. This cat who can't comprehend why she can't claw the window wipers.

27. This kitty who wasn't expecting anyone to see his secret shoe collection.

28. And Grumpy Cat.

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